What is Fascia?

Listed below are some diverse descriptions of Fascia. These examples are all correct and you will read many different versions if you searched the Internet.

Fascia is the fabric of the body, not the vestments covering the Corpus, but the wrap and weft of the material. Remove all other tissues from their fascial bed and the structure and form of the corpus remains, ghostlike, but clearly defined

Stephen M Levin & Daniele Claude Martin

The architecture of the connective tissue in the Musculoskeletal system – an overlooked functional parameter as to proprioception in the locomotor apparatus

Jeep Van de Waal

A Fascia is a sheath, a sheet or any number of other dissectible aggregations of connective tissue that forms beneath the skin to attach, enclose, separate muscles and internal organs

4th Fascia Congress 2015

Why is it important to you the client?

In short, it is what within the Fascia that is inhibited, restricted or dysfunctional which is causing the sensation of symptoms you may be experiencing. It allows the different structures in your body to glide as Fascia surrounds everything beneath the exterior of the skin

  • Bone
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Muscle
  • Blood, nerve, Lymphatic vessels
  • All Organs

All type of bodywork effects fascia in different ways