Structural Integration


  • There are imbalances that can exist in your body due to repetitive movements, trauma, lifestyle choices as well as your current environment (work or home). Gradually this may lead to joints, tendons, and ligaments wearing unevenly, diminishing or being limited that occasionally will cause pain due to a dysfunctional ability to move efficiently. Using targeted soft tissue techniques to connective tissue that is held in different states of contraction that are reinforcing these postural imbalances and frequently involving easy client controlled movements to this connective tissue function will be more efficient and will help ease that sensation as what we refer to as painThis process lasts over 12 sessions where work begins on the superficial lines to expose the deeper front (core) line and then with all the new freedom of movement this has to be integrated into your body
  • This process focuses on the Anatomy Trains fascia lines of Thomas Myers  the changes that can be experienced could be significant through to minor, but these changes whatever size they are all added to the end goal
  • Allow 1hr – 2hr for each session. Be prepared by wearing appropriate underwear e.g. Sports bra and underwear, bikini, swimmers. Also, the sessions require you to move off & on the table after some work has been performed for you to experience any changes to the region that has just been treated. Be prepared for an extensive assessment initially and constant assessment at the beginning, during and end of every session. As well this enables the therapist to view any changes to your body whilst standing and walking.
  • Certain conditions of Acute Back Pain, Chronic Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Foot Pain, Head Pain or Neck Pain & muscular aches can be alleviated